Thursday, December 28, 2006 Ink-Stained to Link-Strained: A Kvetch -

From Howard Kurtz:

"Isn't something lost if you can wall yourself off from views and information that challenge what you already believe? If everything is ordered a la carte? If -- and this really dates me as an ink-stained wretch -- you like turning the pages of a newspaper because you might bump into an unexpected story you would never have found online? If you and your family and your co-workers are plugged into parallel media universes?"

Friday, December 22, 2006 The Media Mob: 'Written by partisans to be read by the naive'

From John Bambenek:

"What blogs do accomplish, at least the few that actually try to be media instead of diary, is fact-check the 'objective journalists.' This is where the real contempt for bloggers comes from. Blogs have outted journalistic frauds that would have gone undiscovered despite all the checks and balances in the traditional media."

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Online Journalism Review: Top mistakes made by new online publishers

From Robert Niles:

"Don't fall into the traps that have left too many other journalists muttering that 'no one can make money online.'" How Magazines Can Survive

From Bo Sacks:

"What we need is a new sustainable business model for the publishing industry. The barbarians are at the gate."

Comment: The problem is that publishers don't have faith in their "addictive editorial packages."

Thursday, December 14, 2006

BBC News: Blogging 'set to peak next year'

From BBC News:

"The blogging phenomenon is set to peak in 2007, according to technology predictions by analysts Gartner. The analysts said that during the middle of next year the number of blogs will level out at about 100 million."

Comment: Having worked as an industry analyst, I can tell you that this advice is about as accurate as today's weather forecast.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Center for Citizen Media: The Demise of the Professional Photojournalist

From Dan Gillmor:

"The pros who deal in breaking news have a problem. They can’t possibly compete in the media-sphere of the future. We’re entering a world of ubiquitous media creation and access. When the tools of creation and access are so profoundly democratized, and when updated business models connect the best creators with potential customers, many if not most of the pros will fight a losing battle to save their careers."

Media Daily News: Reuters Partners With Yahoo For Citizen Media Site

From Media Daily News:

"Citizen journalism got a major bump yesterday with the launch of "You Witness News," a joint venture of Reuters and Yahoo that allows amateur photojournalists an opportunity to submit their pictures and videos of newsworthy events."