Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More brave bloggers

I just came across a great blog: Committee to Protect Bloggers. It reports on bloggers all over the world who have been arrested or threatened by governments because of their blogs.

Many of the jailed bloggers are from Muslim countries, including Iran, Bahrain, Tunisia, and Malaysia. The site also reports on the plight of Chinese bloggers. No surprise, you might say - people in these countries have never been free to speak their minds.

But what about Christophe Grebert, who's being sued for defamation by the mayor of Puteaux, France? Or Jani Uusitalo, who's being investigated for defamation by the police in Oulu, Finland after writing about a local school?

To say the least, Committee to Protect Bloggers is an extremely important website. It is reporting on the frontier of the battle for freedom of speech. Kudos to its founders, and best wishes to the bloggers whose bravery is covered on the site.