Friday, May 06, 2005

Good example of 'expert editing'

Matt Vance's May 4 article in Playlist surveys ways to find new music online (not how to get it, mind you; just how to identify which new bands you might like.)

To me, the article is a perfect example of what Bob Benz and Mike Phillips recently called 'expert editing.' The article is a true timesaver -- Vance has scoured the net looking for sites that provide music recommendations. Vance has saved me hours by not only separating the wheat from the chaff, but also explaining why he chose each site. From there, I can pick the three or four sites that interest me.

I'm sure not all journalists would agree, but I would argue this is a valid form of online journalism, certainly of the 'news you can use' variety. It sure beats some of the useless, self-serving, and unethical rubbish that passes for journalism on major networks and in major newspapers.