Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Blog carnivals: Is this journalism?

Bora Zivkovic has posted an interesting article on his Science and Politics blog entitled Blog Carnivals And The Future Of Journalism. As he says, "A blog carnival is a blog-post that contains links to posts on other blogs." Could something like that possibly be journalism?

My answer for now: maybe. I have been arguing to my students that filtering is a primary valuable activity for online journalists to provide to their readers. But is it enough? I just don't know yet.

Bora doesn't seem to have any doubts. Toward the end of the article he makes this dramatic prediction:

I have a hunch that in the future it will be the blog carnivals that will emerge as the online equivalents of hard-copy media. Carnivals organized around strong concepts, published on rigorous schedules, well-archived, and community-run will outlive their mushy competitors and become the online equivalents of not just TIME magazine, but also GQ, Vogue, Parenting, National Geographic, People, and, why not, Science and Nature.

I'd hate to think that all journalists do, even the best, is to aggregate pointers to information produced elsewhere. But maybe I'm more biased than I think I am....