Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Is it just me, or is this ironic?

A few sites picked up an AP story announcing the venerable organization's new blog, entitled Bad Language. It sounds really interesting:

"From inside our cardboard box at the AP World Headquarters, we'll do stuff like fill you in on Bad News, tell you about the latest Bad Habits, ask stupid questions in Bad Interviews, bitch during Bad Reviews, chase celebrities on Bad Trips, and present anything and everything we deem Just Plain Bad."

I thought it might be worth a looksee. But then I noticed: no URL in the article! No information about a launch date! I searched Google, went to -- nothing.

Listen up, people -- this is NOT the way to develop a good rapport with your readers. Do you think I'm going to remember to keep checking back on (not that I was told where to look for more info) to see if the thing has launched?