Saturday, February 05, 2005

More evidence that they're getting it

The beginning of Doc Searls' latest Suitwatch post is exciting:

Two friends called me within minutes of each other, each reporting the same thing. Here's roughly the way the conversations went:

"It's happening."


"They're getting it."

"Getting what?"

"Getting the Web. Blogs. Podcasting. Citizen power. DIY. Open source. The demand side supplying itself. All that Cluetrain junk you've been talking about for ten years."

"Who are 'they'?"

"The big media. Newspapers. TV networks. I don't know what happened, but a bit got flipped in a bunch of them. They're seeing the light".

Read the rest of the piece to learn what Searls thinks this means for the mainstream media.

I think it means that's there's cause for cautious optimism.