Saturday, July 22, 2006

Condescension from CNN and the AP

Maybe I'm being petty, but this AP story on pissed me off for two reasons. First, CNN chose to categorize it under 'Offbeat News.' Other recent stories in this category include:

How much for date with Jessica Biel?
Snake joke could lead to jail
Real-bearded Santas flood toasty Missouri town

Granted, CNN also put the Russian president's recent gaffe in this category as well. But as far as I know, Putin isn't as well known for being a total embarrassment to his unwilling constituents. This isn't 'offbeat news.' It's highly inappropriate behavior from the supposed leader of the free world.

Ok, so if that's not annoying enough, let's look at the sixth and seventh paragraphs of the AP piece:
Many writers saw a sexist aspect to Bush's back rub. "This isn't a Sigma Chi kegger, it's the G-8 Summit," wrote blogger Christy Hardin Smith on

(Bush was actually in Delta Kappa Epsilon. Another Web 2.0 truism: Blogs are not always friendly with the facts.)

Wow, the AP must be really scared of the blogosphere if it feels the need to point out 'errors' like this. First of all, I suspect that Hardin Smith picked Sigma Chi arbitrarily -- she didn't mean that Bush was in Sigma Chi, just that he was in a frat. Second, as my husband pointed out (credit where credit is due), who says he never went to a Sigma Chi kegger?

Maybe I'm being the pot calling the kettle black by pointing out the AP's insignificant condescension, but then I'm supposed to be petty and vindictive, right? I am a blogger, after all.