Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Editor and Publisher: Where News Consumption Is Heading

From Steve Outing:

"I'm not so pessimistic as to believe that their generation will eschew news. I simply recognize that to them the printed newspaper is about as useful and convenient as a rotary-dial phone is in the era of the smart cell phone."

Comment: To newspaper people (yes that's a technical term), a statement like this is akin to crying, "The sky is falling!" And it is, because they can't embrace change and accept that journalism can be done in many different ways by many different people. Maybe some of the news media conglomerate CEO's should listen to Craig Newmark more. When asked what he thinks newspapers should do, he answered:

"Start viewing themselves more as a community service and forget about 20-percent profit margins. And start speaking truth to power."

Isn't that what journalists believe in? So what's standing in their way? Money, plain and simple.