Wednesday, May 24, 2006

ACLU begins national campaign against NSA spying

The American Civil Liberties Union launched a national campaign urging citizens to contact the FCC and state and local representatives to demand an investigation of phone companies' collusion with the NSA.

Of course, the FCC preemptively declined to investigate the NSA's gross invasion of American's privacy, citing the impossibility of obtaining the classified information necessary, just as the Justice Department did earlier.

At least one FCC commissioner, Michael Copps, disagrees with the commission's decision. "We need to be certain that the companies over which the FCC has public interest oversight have not gone – or been asked to go – to a place where they should not be," he said in a statement.

Lest you think my outrage over the NSA's actions is partisan, I just went to the Democratic National Committee's home page to see what they have to say about the situation. On the home page, at least, the answer is NOTHING. They have features about the CIA leak scandal, energy prices, a meeting between DNC chairman Howard Dean and Democratic mayors, and comments from Dean on a host of other issues, including the Federal Marriage Amendment, the death of Lloyd Bentsen, and the 'Harmful Republican Voter ID Law in Missouri.' They even have a link to the video of Dean's appearance on the Daily Show.

A search of the DNC website using the term 'NSA' turned up a handful of pages, most focusing on the fact that Bush 'misled the American public.' Here's what I have to say to Dean and the Democrats -- what the hell is wrong with you people?