Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Reason-able voice on the database debacle

Libertarian magazine Reason should have been the first place I checked for a reasonable reaction to the phone call database scandal. I'm sure they'll cover it thoroughly in an upcoming issue of the magazine, but here's what they've had to say so far on their blog:

"So one problem with polls indicating that most Americans are perfectly OK with all this is that they should be asking not only how people feel about what the adminstration has done so far (or what it is has admitted to doing so far) but how they feel about what it or future administrations could do based on Bush's sweeping assertion of unchecked executive power... If the executive branch could be trusted to use the data only for the limited purposes suggested by Bush's comments, it would not be such a big deal. But since neither is the case, it is a big deal."

Recall that the USA Today story says that CIA, FBI, and DEA could have access to the database. I continue to shudder.