Wednesday, April 18, 2007

MTV News: Virtual Memorial, MySpace Pages Help VT Mourners Cope Online

From MTV News:

"The events of Monday morning are beyond comprehension, but it's commendable to watch the MySpace Generation pour its heart and soul into trying to do just that."

Comment: The story contains a impressive list of links to blogs, MySpace and Facebook pages, collections of pictures, and RSS feeds about the tragedy. My heart goes out to everyone at Virginia Tech and their families and friends, but I have a special admiration for those who can bring themselves to share information, documentation, thoughts, and feelings with the world. I'm just glad the Internet gives them a way to do so, and to hear from the rest of the world who is thinking about them.

I also have to make special mention of Prof. Liviu Librescu, a Holocaust survivor who saved many of his students by barricading the door to his classroom before being shot by Cho Seung-Hui.