Friday, April 20, 2007

PC World: MySpace Launches Beta of News Aggregation Site

From PC World:

" has launched a beta of a news site it hopes will bring more advertising revenue to the popular social networking site."


"MySpace's news aggregator, called Newroo, searches for stories on the Web using an algorithm that posts content based on a number of factors, including relevance for MySpace users and the number of readers a news site has."

Comment: I really like the idea of combining Google News-style aggregation with Digg-stle users voting. However, things seem to be starting off slowly -- as of this post, the highest number of votes for stories in the top news story was seven, for 'Dean and DNCC visit Denver to plan out Convention.'

Also, while the top news stories included a link to the NY Times' piece about the Gonzalez hearings, other 'top stories' included one called 'Are You Abstract / Spirtual Or More Scientifically Minded?' and another entitled 'Streets of Rage 2 leads next Sega VC releases.' I have a very broad definition of news, and even I am having a hard time classifying the last two stories as 'Top Stories' in any sense of the word.

Then again, MySpace News just launched, and I'm glad to see MySpace adding a feature that may draw younger users to read more news.